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Word Stencil - Slay All Day Every Day

Word Stencil - Slay All Day Every Day

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Surprise! You asked for more word stencils - and here they are!

Our new selection of Word Swatch Stencils features fun sayings in our favourite bold, modern sans serif font. Great for swatching palettes or creating some cool ombré swatch art!

Slay All Day Every Day is a motto we love to live by - always striving to put our best face on and take on the world. Slaying all day doesn't just apply to makeup, either; whether it's your eyeshadow or education, contour or career, lashes or legacy - get out there and slay, queen!

More designs coming soon...

You will receive:

  • Slay All Day Every Day Stencil

This stencil is approx. 12.5cm high x 6cm wide

Stencil colour may vary

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